Best Restaurants in Kochi

Tribute Royale speaks of a rich tradition of tastes. A tradition that saw us become the favorite destination of foodies. Best restaurants in Kochi serve authentic vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies in our spacious, hospitable environment. Tribute Royale Hotels in Kochi firmly believe that the quality of a restaurant begins in its kitchen. Having a hygienic ambiance to work systematically and unhurriedly brings out the best in tastes.


Indian and International Cuisine

Authentic seafood is not the least reason for visiting Cochin. What if you could have a flavour of Cochin with just one meal? Yes, that is true. We can put an end to your search for restaurants with in Kochi And surprisingly this is not the limit. You can enjoy more the whole Indian and international cuisine from our well-experienced chefs at our multi-cuisine restaurant named Silver Spoon. With our international etiquette and variety of buffets, our restaurant is a welcoming home for our Indian and international customers.


Silver Spoon

Tribute Royale is the outcome of a bunch of extremely passionate food lovers who have decided to go that extra mile when it comes to seafood. From a business talk over a cup of coffee to a romantic buffet with your loved one, Restaurants near Vyttila offer happy feasting that can give anyone a memory to cherish. We relentlessly experiment with new delicacies and compose new flavors. Our multi-cuisine restaurant named Silver Spoon is advisable for all foodies who seek a good vibe of food. It is best restaurants in Kochi And we also have a theme-based coffee shop for long chats and comfy bites.

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